Thursday, September 28, 2017

Just a small place before Nirvana

(Translated by Missaka Hettiarachchi)

Being not much
Of a “believer”, as such
But I too
Have prayed for a thing or two

For me, nothing was “god given”
Often a skeptic of heaven
But I too
Have prayed for a thing or two

When mom’s health fell
And dad’s death befell
The agnostic could not bear
And pined for “God” to appear

Even God might ponder
"IF" he commands heaven and yonder
“Contemptible vacillation”
He may think with abomination

But, again today
My mind yearns for a pray
As, Mom too has gone
Following dad, never to return

No, not anything big O Lord
Not for their return, I seek your accord
That never really crossed my thought
As I know it’s not a duty that you ought  

One small thing, no other
Can you arrange this for our mother?
A small place before nirvana
A big help O Lord, “a small place before nirvana”

Her small booklets
With short poems scribbled
Worn old magazines
Which she merrily ruffled

May be a small radio
If that’s not a big hassle
For Monday night’s audio
I’m sure she will be thankful

Yes, I mean it
Not Nirvana itself,
Just a small place before it  

As time flows without cease
Crowds would fill Nirvana indeed 
Mom would never find peace
Being a mom and many mouths to feed

In her years and decades many
Not a day has passed quiet, not any
So not nirvana Lord, “just a small place before”
With that simple peace and quiet, she would adore 

නිවනට මෙපිට පොඩි තැනක් හි ඉංග්‍රීසි පරිවර්තනය

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